Microk8s / snap question... network cleanup

So I have been trying to get juju / microk8s / kubeflow working… and I am now wondering if this has been one of the issues I’ve been facing. Basically on a new machine, I installed the latest version of microk8s from snap… This time I was able to get it to work/start running. I then decided to try KUBEFLOW which apparently doesn’t work with version 1.22 of kubernetes.

So I tried to uninstall 1.22 and installed 1.20… but now am running into issues again. When I looked at my route table, even after purging the microk8s snap, I still see a ton of entries in my routing table.

I am going to try and reboot the server and see if they go away… but I think these networks were added by the microk8s installation, and so presumably when I remove the SNAP, it should clean up the network routes it has added…