Manual registration of keystone-k8s charm

The keystone-k8s charm forms part of the new K8S Charmed Operators for OpenStack but I was not able to register the charm name automatically.

Please can this be registered and assigned to the OpenStack Charms team.

Sure, I can do this. What’s the Launchpad username for the OpenStack Charms team?

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel

I suppose you can use ~james-page. ~openstack-charmers is the group name.

This is similar request as OpenStack K8S Charms - Track Requests and so requires following tracks - xena, yoga, zed


I see from output pasted in OpenStack K8S Charms - Track Requests, keystone-k8s tracks are created.

Can you confirm if it is assigned to OpenStack Charms team as well.

The charm was already created and the tracks have been added, as you observed.

If you are in the openstack-charmers team you can check yourself by doing charmcraft status keystone-k8s - if you get an error, then it’s not owned by the team :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel

I am not able to get status using charmcraft status command and so the charm is not owned by my team OpenStack Charmers. Also the initial conversation from James he is not able to register keystone-k8s automatically implies someone else have registered the name already.

Also I dont see anything on which tells me keystone-k8s is registered but never published.

Is it possible to let us know who owns the keystone-k8s?

Sure, it’s owned by the charmed-osm team.

  • Daniel

Hello Daniel,

It is fine for us to transfer to Openstack team. We are using Deploy Keystone using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection when we realised that the Openstack team will use that one in the future.

Best regards,


I’ve transferred the charm to openstack-charmers.

  • Daniel