Making MicroStack instances accesible over local network

At the moment I’m working on a POC for an possible edge deployment using microstack. At the moment I’m using a single server single nic for setting this up and testing. But I’m having issues making it accessible over our local network. Our current local network( has the IP range, available to use(not being used by DHCP etc). I’d like to use this range as my IP pool so that when an instance gets assigned an IP it’s in this range and accessible over the local network. Note the server does get an DHCP IP (example at the moment over which openstack horizon available is. I’ve already looked and tried several suggestions like:

So far none of these have worked. I’ve have managed to get server up and running using the default external network but these are only available inside of the server not over the network.

Microstack looks to be a promising solution for our edge deployment. But in order for it to be it has to be accessible over the network. Does anyone know a way to make the instance use an IP range from the local network router? If not how do other deployments of microstack make the instance available outside of the server?


We plan to make the networking config more flexible. Please take a look at the following bug and the spec that is linked to it and let us know if this would solve the issues you’ve run into.



This indeed looks like it could fix our issue.

Any progress on this one?

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@corey.bryant Curious if this is something that’s still being considered.

Looking at the bug there, it looks like there hasn’t been much happening on it since last year. Kind of a long time to not have much said about it :slight_smile: