machine index why use numeric

Why do machine ids using meaningless numeric instead of machine name in models? The numeric makes it awkward to keep track of machines and mantain bundle files especially if machines are added and removed from a model. The numeric index is akin to Terraforms clumsy count that indexes resources on numeric versus the more recent Terraform foreach that indexes by name. Is it possible to use machine names instead of the numeric index for machine ids? Any plans to allow machine name instead of numeric? For example

juju show-machine 0

0 is meaningless :frowning:

in a bundle file

    charm: etcd
    num_units: 3
    channel: 1.27/stable
      "": bgp
    - 1
    - 2
    - 3

1, 2 and 3 are meaningless as values. They do not convey which machine is referred to.