MAAS IPv6 OpenStack


I am totally new with this stuff and I am trying to create a OpenStack infrastructure with 4 hosts and MAAS deploy them. Also sorry if I use wrong terminology, as I am totally new but I think you will get the point. We want to deploy 4 hosts and each host have 4 NICs. Management (IPv4), Storage (IPv4), 2 “LANs” (IPv6). The problem is when we try to deploy it like this we would get an error message during PxE boot “Error in network definition: IP family mismatch in route to…”. I can’t find anywhere that dual stack is not supported or anything similar, so if anybody has this type of deployment or knows it is possible/not possible, please HELP!!!



Hi Vuk. Welcome to the forum. You will need to go down a level in the stack (below Juju) and ensure IPv4/IPv6 works at the MAAS level. I suggest asking in the MAAS forum and just try manually provisioning a node from MAAS. I believe this is the use case you are currently testing out as Juju requires a deployed machine as its controller machine.

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Hi Peter. I will ask on MAAS forum. Sorry, I missed a forum. :slight_smile: Kind regards, Vuk