MAAS auto sync


I’ve been deploying centos7 images with MAAS for the last few months. When centos7.8 was released, our centos7 image auto synced and went from centos7.7 to centos7.8 right underneath us.

This broke quite a few things.

We have now been running centos7.8 from the auto-synced centos7 image MAAS gets from simplestreams for the last few months. We have adjusted our driver builds and other software to accommodate the changes in requirements, kernels, and package versions that came along with centos7.8. Everything was looking good until I went to stand up some servers today and none of my drivers would work or install. After some troubleshooting I realized that my nodes were all running centos7.8.

How can we get ourselves out of this auto-syncing madness that is now controlling our lives?


I just found this response to our post over on the maas forum.

As mentioned in the maas discourse post above, it looks like the answer to getting images to stay in one place lives in hosting your own images and simplestreams mirror.

I guess this is what we will do then.

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The mystery is how MAAS could jump down 2 minor versions as part of an upgrade or auto sync…