LXD Network Ranges Ignore MaaS defined ranges [IGNORE]

Is there a way to limit the provisioned IP assignments from juju? The issue I have at the moment is that If I deploy an app say to LXD:2 on the public space I will get an IP address that seems to avoid the DHCP range entirely but will happily clobber any other IP address used by another machine that is statically assigned outside of the Juju/MaaS config. What I expect to happen is that the lxd machines should pull from the maas dhcp range. but it seems to prefer anything else. In MaaS I have public setup as:

  • Subnet:
  • DHCP Range: -
  • Reserved Range for other servers: -
  • Reserved Range for user space (DHCP from router): -

Ill just chalk this up to user failing to ht the save button… I double checked the ranges and noticed the reserved areas didn’t take.