LXD containers are missing hostname in /etc/hosts


I don’t know if this is a recent issue or if this was the case also with previous juju releases but LXC containers created by Juju in a MaaS cloud (deploying Openstack Base for example) don’t have their hostname set in /etc/hosts.
This makes things like “sudo” really slow and I guess, maybe a lot more things.

I don’t remember having such issue with previous releases, as far as I remember, everything was working properly with 2.8.10.
Now I’m using 2.9.5 and I encounter many issues with my Openstack deployment (my bundle didn’t change, this is a test lab, I just destroyed my previous cluster and redeployed it with upgraded MaaS and Juju) and every action that needs to resolve the unit hostname (and sudo is part of it) takes ages because of that.

Any idea if this is expected (not having hostname in /etc/hosts inside LXC containers) or if this is a bug ?