LXD Cluster, Juju Cloud, Charmed Kubernetes and Storage

Hi All,

I’m deploying Charmed Kubernetes via juju against a 5 node lxd cluster and am running into issues deploying workloads that complain they can’t provision Persistent Volumes/Claims.

Some Specs:

LXD Version: 4.19 Juju Version: 2.9.17-ubuntu-amd64 Charmed Kubernetes Version: 807 Using ZFS Driver for LXD Cluster 5 Physical Machines with LVM master volume on each machine.

High-Level Question: How do I connect kubernetes to my LXD ZFS Storage Pool(s) for automated provisioning within kubernetes? Or Should I be looking at something else altogether?

I’ve searched this forum and the web extensively to no avail. I see information for standalone k8s installs, but I’m not seeing a definitive method for associating k8s with LXD Clustered backend storage.

Specific Questions #1: What is the expectation of the CKD (Charmed Kubernetes Deployment)? Is the expectation that you register a separate lxd pool with the Juju provider? or should it be registered with the Kubernetes cluster directly? Or should perhaps it just do it for me?

Specific Questions #2: Is there already documentation out there that I’m missing? Should there be add-on overlay.xml for juju in the CKD documentation that makes this less of a question and gives people a template to work from?

I’m happy to bundle my findings into a write-up once I’ve got it all figured out.

As Always, Thank You for your feedback.

Best, Joel

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bump! - Anyone have thoughts on the options for the various questions here?