List of Charmcraft commands

Charmcraft > List of Charmcraft commands

You can get a list of all the Charmcraft commands by invoking charmcraft help --all in a terminal.

To drill down into each command use charmcraft help <command name>.

This same information is also provided below. Click on a command to view information on it.

analyse Analyse a charm
build Build artifacts defined for a part
clean Purge project artifacts
close Close a channel for a charm or bundle
create-lib Create a charm library
expand-extensions Expand extensions in charmcraft.yaml
fetch-lib Fetch one or more charm libraries
init Initialize a charm operator package tree and files
list-extensions List available extensions for all supported bases
list-lib List all libraries from a charm
login Login to Charmhub
logout Logout from Charmhub and remove token
names List your registered charm and bundle names in Charmhub
pack Build the charm or bundle
prime Prime artifacts defined for a part
promote-bundle Promote a bundle to another channel in the Store
publish-lib Publish one or more charm libraries
pull Download or retrieve artifacts defined for a part
register Register a charm name in Charmhub
register-bundle Register a bundle name in Charmhub
release Release a charm or bundle revision in one or more channels
remote-build Build a charm remotely on Launchpad.
resources List the resources associated with a given charm in Charmhub
resource-revisions List revisions for a resource associated to a charm in Charmhub
revisions List revisions for a charm or a bundle in Charmhub
status Show channel and released revisions
unregister Unregister a name in the Store
upload Upload a charm or bundle to Charmhub
upload-resource Upload a resource to Charmhub
version Show charmcraft version
set-resource-architectures Set the architectures for a resource revision in Charmhub
stage Stage built artifacts into a common staging area
whoami Show your Charmhub login status