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Can you please update the Charmhub team name “Data Platform” to “Canonical Data Platform”. It has been requested by Michael Jaeger to match all other teams, like “Canonical Telco”, etc.

Thank you!

As I understand it, the team name is simply the the “Display Name” field of the appropriate team on Launchpad, but it looks to me like ~data-platform already has a display name of “Canonical Data Platform”. Not sure if that was a recent change, or something needs updating in charmhub to recognise the display name has changed…

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The Launchpad team name is "Canonical Data Platform” for the last ~3 month, AFAIK. Any ideas what should be updated to apply the change? Publish to the stable channel?

Where exactly are you seeing the outdated name?

I checked the database and things look OK there as well.

Sorry - my checking was pretty crappy. I found the outdated record and fixed it.

Individual developer names refresh from Launchpad/Ubuntu SSO on login, but team displaynames are only synced on team creation; afterwards, tweaking the database directly as in this case is needed to reflect any changes.

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Thanks @roadmr!

I confirm. The proper name “by Canonical Data Platform” is now shown everywhere. Thank you!