Charms wrap the 30+ apps that make up Kubeflow with ops code.

Charmed Kubeflow integrates these charms to provide the best Kubeflow experience, from deployment to day-2 operations.

The Charmed Kubeflow bundles outlined below are a convenient, fast and reliable way of deploying Kubeflow. A bundle is simply an organised collection of Juju charmed operators, each of which is an encapsulation of an application and operator code. The bundles describe the charmed operators to deploy and how they are connected together. Read more about the Juju OLM, operators and bundles in the Juju documentation.

The Kubeflow bundles are listed below. If they don’t include something you want, or add things you don’t want, it is possible to edit and customise the bundles to add and remove applications before you deploy, or use Juju to add and remove charmed operators after deployment.