Kubeflow No namespaces

Hi I’m a new user. After some problem the kubeflow installation works on my personal laptop. I install it with microk8s and juju but when I access to the dashboard I can’t create a new Jupyter notebook because I do not have namespaces.

How can I fix it?

I do not understand where the problem is.

Hi @marcomameli01, sorry you’re hitting this issue.

Can you describe how you’re accessing the dashboard? My guess is that you’re accessing the IP of the dashboard directly using the dashboard pod’s IP rather than through the Kubeflow platform’s external gateway - is that the case? In order to get identity information to the dashboard, the dashboard needs to be accessed through the gateway provided by istio.

This guide on accessing the dashboard gives a description of how to access the dashboard. What I expect is that you need to access the dashboard through That IP address comes from the steps in “Find the IP address of the Kubeflow dashboard” section, but reading it now makes me think the description is unclear. I’ll edit that later, but for now the basic idea is that we’re finding the external IP given to the gateway, and it’ll probably be since you’re using microk8s.

Hope this nudges you in the right direction!