Kubeflow charm hogging up resources upon restart of Ubuntu VM

Hi, I’ve installed the Kubeflow charm with juju on a Ubuntu VM, however, upon each restart of the Ubuntu VM, upon doing a “watch juju status”, it can be seen that the application keeps scaling up. So after a fresh install, all the items in the Scale column show 1/1. Upon restarting just the VM, it goes up to 2/1, restarting again goes up to 3/1 all the way until it eats up all the resources and then it won’t start all the necessary services. Even after 1 restart, most of the services get stuck in “Waiting for leadership”, so I’m unable to use this setup without having to run a VM forever (since even after a single restart the whole thing gets messed up), and that’s quite unrealistic.

How do I keep the scale the same upon consequent Ubuntu VM restarts? How do I keep Kubeflow working after restarting the VM?