Juju with Google Cloud Platform

I’ve managed to try out Google Cloud Plarform with juju using this guide: https://juju.is/docs/gce-cloud

It is possible, with alot of prior knowledge, but its by no means easy.

Some observations:

  1. It does not reflect the current version of the stable juju client.
  2. It does not reflect that the “google project names” are GLOBAL, which makes the guide instructions fail due to the google cloud refusing to add the project (Fails with an already exists error). This took some time to figure out.
  3. Adding the credentials is also not very clear and could be alot better explained.
  4. Where are the screenshots? Its really helpful to show the process and getting visual representation of whats going on is very helpful.
  5. I was using “JAAS” to do the guide, which is alot more helpful, since it removes the need to create the controller. Perhaps it could be a second track in the instructions since its really helpful removing the need to go through the process of setting up the controller.

… all in all, it “works”, but its not easy.