Juju with custom store url

Is it possible to specify a custom charm store url?

The specific case is an offline install where there is only 1 “proxy-like” system allowed. Everything in the proxy must be explicitly defined and put at a subdirectory - aka proxy.com/landscape/ is where the debs for Landscape sit.

Alternatively a better process for managing the charms we need in the environment would help. Currently it’s:

  1. Charm pull all 30+ charms
  2. tar them
  3. Move them to environment and use them there.
  4. Upgrade them one at a time.
    (Parts of this are scripted)

We lose a lot of context doing it this way. None of the charms have to be modified locally.

Hi @bryanquigley, yes it is possible. The charmstore-url controller configuration parameter is what you might be looking for.

$ juju controller-config charmstore-url

However, you might want to first look at the proxy options in the model configuration parameters:

$ juju model-config -m controller | grep proxy
apt-ftp-proxy                      default  ""
apt-http-proxy                     default  ""
apt-https-proxy                    default  ""
apt-no-proxy                       default  ""
ftp-proxy                          default  ""
http-proxy                         default  ""
https-proxy                        default  ""
juju-ftp-proxy                     default  ""
juju-http-proxy                    default  ""
juju-https-proxy                   default  ""
juju-no-proxy                      default,localhost,::1
no-proxy                           default,localhost,::1
proxy-ssh                          default  false
snap-http-proxy                    default  ""
snap-https-proxy                   default  ""
snap-store-proxy                   default  ""
snap-store-proxy-url               default  ""
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