Juju Team Updates - Week #46 2021

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Canonical Juju Team for the week starting on the 15/11/2021. Have a great weekend!

cc @pedroleaoc @jameinel

Short week for me.

  • Fix juju trust lost when updating app config #13488 LP1948496
  • Fix juju bootstrap with juju-db snap where the service is not enabled on the controller #13508
  • Working on teardown issues on sidecar charms (both scale down and remove-application) where teardown hooks are either not run or the workload containers are already gone.
  • landed [JUJU-113] Refactor upgrade controller command #13498
  • fixed k8s provider: replicaset of 2 but there are more units than the 2 #1950705
  • investigate root cause of Sporadic hang on installing agent #1946382
  • extra test coverage added when diagnosing bug
  • various customer support tasks
  • diagnose machine teardown issue with broken storage on a production cloud; facilitated db surgery to fix the problem and did a fix in case it happens again
  • remove legacy cross model relations code and add upgrade step to deal with the issue
  • support for beta1 ingress resources on k8s 1.22
  • Submitted PR 13490 for auto creating instance profiles. (Two issues to still resolved around this PR of HA and tear down)
  • Diagnosing bug 1937282 with volatile charm storage for pod spec charms.
  • Investigation into outage in prodstack clouds.
  • Work on watcher API design on top of dqlite.
  • Preliminary work for performing a basic scale test using dqlite as the store for collected Juju logs.

Short week for me too. Lots of tasks focused on improving Manner and Relation, especially around the dashboard and LXD docs. Also working on changing the face of the Juju OLM landing page.

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  • Investigating a series of issues around juju deploy of a bundle. A fix for LP 1950237 is forthcoming, .
  • Prep work for improving documentation of juju, charms and LXD profiles.
  • Investing requirements and use cases for multiple lxd profiles in a charm. Use cases welcome.
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juju updates:

pylibjuju updates:

  • Big thing for this week: asyncio stuff has landed. Event & task handling straigthened up. [PR #580]
  • An integration test for testing with the Juju edge has been added to jenkins (next to the already existing tests with Juju stable). [PR #677]
  • Some small bug fixes like [PR #589]

– coming up:

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  • Working on an internal Canonical cloud outage. We have a Mongo cluster changing leader frequently, causing controller issues.
  • Fixed a potential source of panics that can result from DB issues in the course of investigating the outage above.
  • Further work on this patch addressing orphaned network configuration data.
  • Investigated issues around storage attachments manifest in different scenarios.
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