Juju Team Updates - Week #44 2021

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Canonical Juju Team for the week starting on the 01/11/2021. Have a great weekend!

cc @pedroleaoc @jameinel

  • juju 2.9.18 candidate release
  • juju 2.8.12 candidate release
  • more work on the juju secrets spec
  • log trawling and database analysis to diagnose customer issue
  • extra logging in cross model workers
  • started restructure of k8s controller set up to support controller charm
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  • Finished and merged Python Operator Framework PR 655: Exec test fixes and “for line in process.stdout” fix
  • Updated Pebble “terminal” parameter to “use-terminal” and added “interactive” parameter. https://github.com/canonical/pebble/pull/81
  • Started reworking Pebble ServiceManager to use a state machine and adding auto-restart and backoff functionality
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  • Lots of looking back and planning ahead, both content and workflow.
  • Started working on Juju interactive training materials.
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  • Load testing Raft lease API implementation.
    • Locating issues with mongo underload
    • Removed independent logging for leases and using the current machine log/mongo logging for better performance.
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This week,

  • Have been analyzing AWS permissions needed by Juju to develop a concrete controller policy.
  • Work on fixing CAAS tests in CI
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  • Patch that ensures greater logging detail output for sidecar-based K8s charms. There have been several reports of such units intermittently failing to deploy.
  • Patch for ensuring that machine removal does not leave orphaned provider ID references for link-layer devices.
  • Landed the patch for fixing container NIC MTUs when using Fan networking.
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Work towards improving parallelization of instance start/stop logic in provisioning worker.

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  • implemented two new registry APIs(manifests and blobs) for architecture fetching for OCI images13465
  • moved the agent versions (jujud-operator image tags) fetching for CAAS to the server-side for upgrade-controller command13459
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