Juju Team Updates - Week #42 2021

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Canonical Juju Team for the week starting on the 18/10/2021. Have a great weekend!

cc @pedroleaoc @jameinel

  • Merged Pebble exec support in Python Operator Framework: PR 593. Started documenting it in our SDK docs.
  • Finished and merged Pebble exec client tests: PR 73
  • Changed Pebble exec EOF designator from empty TEXT frame to {"command":"end"}: PR 77
  • Tweaks to how Pebble service’s last output is logged when it exits too quickly: PR 69
  • Update Python Operator Framework to include ask logs in ChangeError exception message: PR 653
  • Investigated stdin use-terminal issues in Pebble exec: PR 78
  • Some Python Operator Framework Pebble exec test fixes: PR 655
  • Tested Pebble exec performance with Python Operator Framework client on big files
  • Fix for two of the juju trust bugs #13434 LP1942792 LP1940526
  • Continue work on final juju trust bug LP1941655
  • Work on updating juju-db oci images and charm-base oci images
  • Juju 2.9.17 candidate release
  • package juju-db snaps based on upstream mongo 4.4.10 release
  • fix for cross model relation removal issue
  • additional juju_engine_report metrics to assist in diagnosing relation issues
  • fix juju_machine_lock inspection breakage
  • support for mongo 4.4 fixes
  • various customer support interactions
  • Load testing the raft lease API changes, with the aim of a deep dive discourse post. Looking at the pros and cons of each implementation (pubsub vs API transport) along with thoughts on a path forward to future work.
  • Helped with docs on microcloud and private registry.
  • Set up various accounts.
  • Continued work on Juju website: Finalized first round of suggestions for changes to content on Home & About page. Filed a few more UX issues with the Web team.

pylibjuju is getting more love:

  • We are almost all green on CI tests (15/16) :partying_face:
  • Full integration with asyncio, no custom event handling [PR #560]
  • We have debug-log on pylibjuju! [PR #562]
  • Added support for overlays on bundle deployment [PR #566] [PR #13448]

Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • continue work on implementing manifest/blob for the OCI registry feature;
  • enhance upgrade-controller and upgrade-model commands;
  • document registry features;
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  • Fixed a bug with lease manager checking, which was introduced in 2.9.13.
  • Investigated and diagnosed a bug with cross-model relation tear-down.
  • Work prioritisation and costing for the upcoming Juju cycle of work.
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