Juju Team Updates - Week #40 2021

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Canonical Juju Team for the week starting on the 04/10/2021. Have a great weekend!

cc @pedroleaoc @jameinel

  • Assisting resolve issues related to CMR in the field.
  • Backing ported juju metrics to 2.9, working on related discourse post.
  • Fixing upgrade issue from 2.9 to develop.

This Week:

  • Pushed through PR 13394 that now allows Juju controllers to use Instance Profile credentials for Juju operations.
  • Wrote a small how to use Instance Profile doc that summaries current features. (To be linked soon)
  • Updated Instance Profile spec.
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  • juju 2.9.16 release candidate
  • various site support issues
  • fix a k8s error message that got broken adding a model to an existing namespace
  • fix apparmor spam issue with juju-db snap by repacking the snap to include required interfaces (we can’t publish the snap to stable yet as we need an upgrade plan)
  • package juju-db snap build on mongodb 5
  • fix bootstrapping to a focal LXC controller on an impish host
  • fix issue updating controller-url attribute on controller charm for juju 3 (needed for new juju dashboard)
  • fix upgrade step used to remove orphaned consumer app proxies used by cross model relations
  • Fix tool downloads for IAAS hosted model on CAAS #13393 LP1943265
  • Working on previous bug with pod-spec k8s model upgrade port conflict on deployments due to improper k8s patch call LP1934004
  • Continuing on juju trust issues from previous weeks
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  • On-going work with reimagining the data layer in Juju.
  • Investigate why tests failed with mongo 4.4 for 2.9 #13396
  • Testing performance with leases concerning a batch FSM #13389
  • Closing out the switching between raft clients #13356
  • Various work looking into getting windows on github actions.
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  • Spent some time on routine doc revisions.
  • Spent a lot of time on the SDK docs, to better understand (a) how they fit into the Juju story and (b) how they can be refiled and restructured according to Diataxis.
  • Implemented marshaling/unmarshaling logic for the assumes block syntax (charm metadata).
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pylibjuju this week:

  • Local resources in sidecar charms work [PR]
  • Better auto-resolve the config dir [PR]
  • Backups are working [PR]
  • worked on implementing debug-log on libjuju

Coming soon:

  • debug-log on libjuju
  • fix getting unit and application addresses (#551, #559)
  • Juju deploy bundle parses local charms incorrectly [Bug]
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  • Update Juju to use latest version of Pebble, including one-shot commands (exec), the new “replan” command, and various bug fixes.
  • Fixed and refactored flaky provider/ec2 tests.
  • Minor updates to the Python Operator Framework “Pebble exec” client and tests.
  • Added tests for Go Pebble exec client.
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