Juju Team Updates - Week #39 2021

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Canonical Juju Team for the week starting on the 27/09/2021. Have a great weekend!

cc @pedroleaoc @jameinel

Happy Week 39 Everyone,

This week I mostly worked on the next part of the Juju AWS instance profile work. Specifically around providing a new bootstrap credential type and re configuring of state initialisation for a new Juju controller.


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Secrets development:

  • PR to add grant/revoke hook CLI
  • PR to rename “pending” status to “staged”
  • PR to make revision part of the URL path

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for deploying charms to 2.8 models on 2.9 controllers



  • Fix Juju release build to use correct release notes URL and also exit when snap uploads fail
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  • Continued work on master cloud tutorial.
  • Started work on improving description of the Juju ecosystem.
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  • Removed MAAS 1.9 from the Juju edge branch.
  • Investigated incorrect Fan network MTU when on top of OVN overlay network.
  • Investigated cross-model relation removal issues with 2.9.15.
  • Various specification review and network design meetings.
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Worked on pylibjuju integration tests:

  • Tox version issues is solved – [PR]
  • Collection already exists problem is solved (thanks @simonrichardson) – [PR]
  • LXD network query problem is solved – [PR]
  • A long time failing ssh on manually provisioned machines issue is solved [PR]

I got more comfortable playing with lxd containers, and working on juju's own codebase.

My plan for next week (#40) looks like some debugging and working on some feature requests on pylibjuju.

p.s. Also considering different strategies to remember writing in the weekly team updates on time.

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Sorry for the late reply.

  • Finishing implementation of raft client, more work is required to ensure the correct performance characteristics #13356
  • Fixed a nasty bug where the pubsub metrics introduced too many records, which caused exponential memory growth #13378
  • Remove the issue found in pylibjuju where the state logs already exist when creating models with CMR #13377
  • Added NO_COLOR support #13375
  • Wired up LXD HTTP retry client for querying LXD server #13372

On going work with @achilleasa to reimagine the data layer in Juju.

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  • Finished up work on metrics for juju 3.0, preparing a back port to juju 2.9
  • Documented how to use templates in VSphere to improve juju bootstrap and deploy times.
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