Juju Team Updates - Week #37 2021

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Canonical Juju Team for the week starting on the 13/09/2021. Have a great weekend!

cc @pedroleaoc @jameinel

  • Investigation and reproducing of some CMR issues.
  • Started feature work on metrics for charmhub charms, initial pr up to replace current functionality. Enhancement next.
  • Landed work from last week for deploy and export of bundles with revision tags for charms.
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  • Finished reworking Pebble service restarting / checks spec per feedback: clarifying concepts, moving many fields under services to under the checks list, more thorough config spec. Separated out signal handling into separate specs (JU029 and JU030).
  • Updates to Pebble one-shot commands implementation based on Gustavo’s review feedback.
  • Investigated not vendoring websocket-client library in Python Operator Framework one-shot commands implementation. Summary here.
  • Discussed a possible recursive list-files API endpoint for Pebble.
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worked public and private OCI registry support for:

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  • helped with 2.9.14 release
  • do PR to wire up secret rotation hook
  • do PR for a worker to trigger when secrets need to be rotated
  • fix cross model issue dealing with connections when removing an offer
  • fix Azure integration test
  • fix regression deploying on k8s
  • more investigation to identify a root cause cross model relations issue on site

Fleshed out the high level API / interfaces for the Juju data access model proposal.

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Another shorter week with a regional holiday.

  • Review and discussion of patches for Raft client rework.
  • All-but finished first draft of specification for new Juju networking model.
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Sort OLM posts into Daniele’s categories. For posts with mixed content, break up into multiple posts. Current attempts to go live on Discourse at the beginning of next week.

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  • Breaking down the PoC PR into smaller easier to review PRs, allowing for better feedback.
  • Additional deep-diving into raft, looking at pre-voting campaigns.
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Work on AWS Instance Profiles.

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