Juju Team Updates - Week #35 2021

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Canonical Juju Team for the week starting on the 30/08/2021.
Have a great weekend!

cc @pedroleaoc @jameinel

Hi All,

This week:

  • Work on AWS Instance Roles for Juju controllers. Focused around initial work of setting up instance roles.
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This week I worked on:

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  • Pebble wait-change endpoint - PR
  • Support wait-change endpoint in Python Operator Framework - PR
  • Finalized the Pebble exec Python API - spec
  • Further work on the Python Operator Framework exec implementation - WIP PR
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  • Continued work on a customer field critical bug
  • Finalising feedback on pebble#58 and pebble#60
  • Fix bug in uniter with lost relations #13286
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  • More analysis of the field critical bug
  • Fix issue with cross model relations saas status reporting
  • Added improved tracing to the unit agent to allow for better diagnosis of relation issues
  • Core watcher infrastructure to notify of secret rotation config changes
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  • Fixed a equinix provider bug which prevented NIC addresses from being correctly matched to space IDs.
  • Updated the netplan merge logic to retain empty openvswitch: {} blocks (PR has been approved but has not landed yet).


  • Landed the final bits for supporting asynchronous charm downloads. The feature is behind a controller flag and can be tested using the QA steps from this PR.
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Hey folks,

python-libjuju is getting some love:

  • fixed a small issue
  • mostly worked (and keep working) on trying to land this PR

Have a great weekend!

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I had a short week due to illness and then a local holiday. Activities otherwise were:

  • Investigating the field issue (mentioned above) involving cross-model relations.
  • Bug triage and code review.
  • Meetings around spec reviews, design, Juju documentation.
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