Juju Team Updates - Week #29 2021

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Canonical Juju Team for the week starting on the 19/07/2021.
Have a great weekend!

cc @pedroleaoc @jameinel

  • incorrect k8s sidecar charm app status lp:1934614
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  • Correctly format local charm URLs for export bundles #13174
  • Juju Inspect - Help reading engine reports #13176
  • Ensure log documents have consistent fields #13185
  • Improve error messages when deploying #374
  • Debug production issues on ProdStack
    • Prevent goroutine leaks #12

Juju Inspect

Juju Inspect is a new tool to help understand the output from a series of engine reports. To quickly diagnose problems with controllers and quickly pin-point problems. This is the very first incarnation and more work is required to surface better information.

See: https://github.com/juju/juju/tree/develop/scripts/juju-inspect

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  • mid cycle planning sprint
  • beta juju-controller charm added to charmhub
  • WIP PR to deploy controller charm at bootstrap on machine models #13189
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  • Several bug investigations
  • Adding support for resources in pylib-juju
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Fixed further issues with LP 1928778 - upgrade from pod-spec to sidecar charm: wait till v1 pods are gone before proceeding, ensure we start a charm download if charm dir doesn’t exist, set remote state watcher’s initial event IDs, etc.

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Apologies for my tardiness on this one.

Most notable was landing the last in a long series of patches that relate to device secondary addresses and returns from network-get.

I also spent some time conceiving a better model for network flows in Juju, and looking into potential efficiency gains in our usage of Raft to manage leases.

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  • 2.9
    • Fixed two bugs (1, 2) in the equinix provider implementation that we recently shipped out.
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I’ve been working on implementing deploy by revision for CharmHub charms.

  • updates to use the charmhub API changes for deploy by revisions.
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