Juju Team Updates - Week #25 2022

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Canonical Juju Team for the week starting on the 20/06/2022. Have a great weekend!

cc @pedroleaoc @jameinel

(with Juju team, Operator Framework team, @serdarvural80 ):

  • Navigation: Updated. All titles displayed in Navigation, with the ability to expand/collapse.
  • Posts on Discourse, tagged “doc”, but not on website: Archived or planned future work on all the remaining docs in this category. From 250 we’re down to 0. Thanks a lot, everyone!
  • Added diagrams in a few more docs (all thanks to Serdar).
  • Added content to new doc (all thanks to Serdar).
  • move constraints and charm apis to new facade for 3.0
  • move provisioning apis to new facade for 3.0
  • change bootstrap so that you need to opt in to create an initial model for 3.0
  • fix azure provider issue after migration to new SDK
  • fix juju-go snapcraft plugin to work with snapcraft 7
  • juju 2.9.32 release fixes
  • Remove upgrade logic for old Juju versions
  • Fix missing assume directive parsing in Pythonlib-juju