Juju Team Updates - Week #18 2022

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Canonical Juju Team for the week starting on the 02/05/2022. Have a great weekend!

cc @pedroleaoc @jameinel

  • Juju: timed-boxed work on a proof of concept for a direct controller worker to controller API to reduce boilerplate and hard-to-navigate code: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/14005.
  • Pebble: Added a “recover” change and tasks when the service manager is automatically backing off / restarting a service (issue 104), to allow introspecting service failures.
  • Pebble: Started adding “check failed” change/task for introspection and debugging of health checks (issue https://github.com/canonical/pebble/issues/103).
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This Week:

  • Full time work on CI infrastructure again. Specifically focusing on integration tests. Happy to say this work is coming to end.
  • Started implementing a new means for Juju to publish simple streams to Azure and delete some legacy tooling we have around this in favor of azure cli