Juju Team Updates - Week #16 2022

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Canonical Juju Team for the week starting on the 18/04/2022. Have a great weekend!

cc @pedroleaoc @jameinel

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Happy week 16 Juju community.

This week was much the same as last week. Focus has been solely on the Juju build infra getting that sorted with the new changes we have had to make.

Thanks tlm

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Focused again on the Reference docs, this time especially the OLM Reference docs. Regrouped the docs into a CLI command section and a Tools, entities, and processes section. Filed more items into the latter. Also started doing macro-level integration of docs that were references for the same tool, entity, or process, the goal being to produce a single streamlined and authoritative source of information for each tool, entity, or process, cross-referenced in a predictable way with the related How-to docs. Also worked with the engineers to improve various parts of a number of the Tools, entities, and processes docs, especially the initial definition statement, and also to add new docs where necessary (using the CLI commands as a basis for what should count as a primitive notion for the purpose of generating a new doc). Experimented with some ways to improve clarity around the denotation of “Juju” (the whole Charmed Operator Framework vs. the CLI tool / client) and of juju (as CLI tool and also client) in the Homepage and the Reference doc. Also did more unpacking and streamlining of content in the OLM How-to guides and added a clarifying note in an SDK Reference doc and related How-to guide.

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  • prepared and presented the high-level idea of Juju Space Gates at the Juju Network Core meeting
  • provided some core review
  • prepared descriptions for next cycle roadmap items
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  • put the new syslog config behind a feature flag
  • tweak go-goose error handling to avoid treating 403 as unauth
  • lots more work on preparing release jenkins to deployment to new home, mainly integrating the new build scripts from Tom
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I worked on a few bugs:

  • K8s container terminates and is not recreated 1968745;
  • Juju unable to add a k8s 1.24 k8s cloud 1969645;
  • introspection function juju_stop_unit does not work for CAAS 1968643;
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