Juju Team Pulse 2023 #1

Hi everyone!

This is the pulse report for the Juju team.

Our goal for this pulse

Land the remaining features for 3.1.0 release.


  • Model removal requires additional confirmation
  • Charmstore support has been removed. This means that operations such as juju deploy cs:wordpress will display an error. Please, revisit your scripts if you’re planning to update to 3.1.0.
  • OpenPort for sidecars
  • Backends for secrets
  • OpenStack multi-homing
  • An awesome work has been done to enable Dqlite as the new replacement for Raft leases. Kudos to @manadart and @simonrichardson



  • Additional nightly testing on edge/latest and 3.0/latest
  • Tests revisited

Terraform provider

  • Fix data type issues with juju config 121
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