Juju support for the latest LTS release Noble Numbat (24.04) ?

I was just about to test juju with 24.04 so I thought to update my tiny-bash charm to support it.

The charm built just fine 24.04 with charmcraft. Produced a charm for 24.04.

When I tried to deploy, I was met with somewhat unexpected:

juju deploy ./tiny-bash_ubuntu-24.04-amd64_ubuntu-22.04-amd64_ubuntu-20.04-amd64_ubuntu-18.04-amd64.charm --series jammy
ERROR unknown series for version: "24.04"

Looking forward to be able to deploy on the latest Ubuntu 24.04.

Note: Canonical released the 24.04 two days ago: Canonical releases Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Noble Numbat | Ubuntu