Juju status pending (focal is not a valid distro_series. It should be one of: '''', ''ubuntu/bionic''.")

I’m new with juju
and trying to deploy OpenStack bundle with juju according to the canonical deployment guide

but after juju deploy cs:bundle/openstack-base
I got this error:
juju status

Given that you are using MAAS to deploy metals, this error pertains to MAAS not being configured to serve up a focal image. If you go into your MAAS Web UI and select Images and enable the Focal distribution and wait for the image to sync, you should then be successful with a re-deployment of your bundle.

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Is there a way we could improve this messaging in the Error message? If MAAS knows that focal could exist but isn’t currenty enabled, maybe it could include that as part of the error message?
The fact that it is returning a generic 400 Bad Request is a bit hard, but possibly we could pull more information out of it.

I definitely agree. Even changing the verbiage from “is not a valid distro_series” to “is not an enabled distro_series” could be helpful, however, this still requires the user to know it’s MAAS returning the error, not Juju. Maybe juju could detect this error 400 and string “is not a valid distro_series” from a MAAS provider and interpret it for the user.