Juju-restore fails in HA mode


I have tried verifying this step, Juju | How to back up the controller, but stuck in the following:

ubuntu@juju-1:~$ ./juju-restore --allow-downgrade controller-backup_20221018.tar.gz Connecting to database… Checking database and replica set health…

Replica set is healthy ✓ Running on primary HA node ✓ ERROR precheck: controller model uuids don’t match - backup: “09a6c2be-0806-4ba4-83b6-2800f60f7289”, controller: “17cda419-2b1d-44ca-8f47-b69af04b7d06”

I guess that the UUIDs being different is expected since the pristine controller must have a new UUID but it seems to be a blocking issue.