Juju Pulse 2023 #3

Our goal for this pulse

Half of this pulse the Juju management was busy attending the virtual mid-cycle product sprint. If you could not see our roadmap presentation, take a look at the video. Meanwhile, the Juju team was focused on bug fixing, working on dqLite, and finishing the release of Juju 3.1.0!!


Most of the work done during this pulse was focus on enabling dqLite to be the new default database for Juju. Additional, we have started a POC to use MINIO.

The following is an excerpt of the tasks done during this pulse and the fixed bugs.


  • [JUJU-2748]: Update Ref sync-agent-binary to include --agent-version
  • [JUJU-2744] : Remove raft log fsync config
  • [JUJU-2739] : Release python-libjuju
  • [JUJU-2733] : Finished Ref components, decided to publish on Charmhub charm pages. Worked on streamlining the tutorial and installation HTGs, updating HTG on integration with MLFlow, creating new doc on integration with COS-Lite
  • [JUJU-2723] : fix juju release jobs related to using upgrade-juju and cs charms
  • [JUJU-2721] : 3.0.3 candidate
  • [JUJU-2667] : POC a charms server using minIO
  • [JUJU-2654] : Review written submission - Engineering Director
  • [JUJU-2652] : Python dependencies in charm libraries: Review, ?publish
  • [JUJU-2651]: Upload artifacts for not tested scenarios
  • [JUJU-2650]: Take stock, identify next todos
  • [JUJU-2639]: Wait for models to be ready before setting constraints
  • [JUJU-2636]: Additional via option testing for integration
  • [JUJU-2634] : Create spec for S3 compatible API for charms on controller
  • [JUJU-2627] : Fix all the tests allowing 3.0-dqlite branch to land into develop
  • [JUJU-2617]: complete manual tests for charmstore
  • [JUJU-2610] : Create build-dqlite-ppcle64 Jenkins job
  • [JUJU-2609] : Create build-dqlite-s390x Jenkins job
  • [JUJU-2608] : Cross Compile Dqlite for ppcle64 locally
  • [JUJU-2606] : Cross Compile Dqlite for s390x locally
  • [JUJU-2604] : SmartNICs+Juju – Staged machine deploy discussion
  • [JUJU-2585]: Build jujud via cross-compiling.
  • [JUJU-2578]: review Pietro’s spec and proof of concept on scenario-based testing and try to figure out implications for the docs
  • [JUJU-2577] : Build static libs for all architectures
  • [JUJU-2573] : Model deploy should support bases as an argument
  • [JUJU-2556] : Upgrade series should use base
  • [JUJU-2550] : Juju Controller Agent Spec
  • [JUJU-2508] : manual testing for 3.0 - related to charm store removal
  • [JUJU-2433]: Agent worker test suite fixes for Dqlite-backed leases
  • [JUJU-2382] : Release python-libjuju 3.1.0 with support for juju 3.1.0
  • [JUJU-2299]: Prepare draft version of LXD VM type Spec
  • [JUJU-2226] : Restructure OLM Manage models
  • [JUJU-2161] : Spec new deploy facade call


  • [JUJU-2740] : Add MODEL_ARCH check in test-deploy-test-deploy-bundles-aws for arm64
  • [JUJU-2713] : Fix test-refresh suite (3.0)
  • LP#1925998 juju deploy --dry-run reporting false positives for config changes
  • [JUJU-2703] : Command sync-agent-binary is broken
  • [JUJU-2689]: Fix test-cli-test-model-config-lxd (3.1)
  • LP#1977670 debug-log -i doesn’t print anything with k8s charm
  • LP#1977865 Juju doesn’t clean up all resources on remove-application
  • [JUJU-2586 : LP 1988587: can’t juju refresh --switch ch:charm if cs and ch have the same charm rev.
  • [JUJU-2582] : Relations leaving scope after migrating CMR offers
  • [JUJU-2552] : arch in model-constraints is not respected in bundle
  • [JUJU-2551] : Fix test-upgrade_series-test-upgrade-series-relation in develop
  • [JUJU-2524] : Avoid creating LXD default bridge when not in container network mode local
  • [JUJU-2474] : Fix inconsistent message on unit teardown



  • Python-libjuju has been released. This is the first release targeting the 3.1.0 juju release. Do not forget to upgrade if start using Juju 3.1.0.

Terraform provider

  • Now cross-model relations can be done using the via argument
  • Missing model constraint sets was fixed.
  • In collaboration with the IS team we are extending the credentials management experience (ssh keys, passwords, credentials, users). Check the GitHub repo for more details.