Juju Pulse 2023 #2

Hi everyone!

This is the pulse report for the Juju team (16 Jan - 27 Jan).

Our goal for this pulse

Fix bugs and check CI issues to polish 3.1.0 release.


  • Community workshop Jan 27 (secrets, olm side)
  • Community workshop Jan 26 (advanced debugging with jhack)
  • Terraform night build for 2.9
  • Add test-model-test-model-status to 2.9
  • Community workshop Jan 20 (write your first machine charm)
  • Adjust how prompts default in 3.2
  • Cleaned up, restructured, reclassified doc on authentication with Dex. Updated ref doc on Dex.
  • Initial review: New HTG: How to access object storage using MinIO
  • Design template for component Ref docs, create docs, apply template
  • Finish removal of “cs:” in unit tests
  • Change link to release notes on release jenkins
  • Add night build checks for python-libjuju 2.9 branch
  • Experiment with MAAS custom image selection
  • Create jenkins job to build dqlite
  • Allow building dqlite locally
  • Add support for secrets
  • Provide updates to JU059 spec. Prepare a biweekly discussion with the SmartNIC team.
  • Release python-libjuju 2.9.12 with support for juju 2.9.38
  • update charm pkg version in juju to 10
  • Community Workshop, Americas 19-Jan-23
  • Remove charmstore charm support from pylibjuju


  • Status makes CAAS-only calls for IAAS applications
  • Downgrade juju client to 2.9.37
  • Charm upgrade series hook uses base instead of series
  • Fix panic on config change
  • fix incorrect change for lp1984061, migration import adding “latest” to charm origin channel
  • ‘juju-db.mongodump’ doesn’t have apparmor permissions to write log files to $HOME
  • 1982870: lxd/1+ unit agents down after migration,
  • Fix test-ck-aws
  • juju using Openstack provider does not remove security groups on remove-machine after a failed provisioning
  • root cause of LP2002114 (panic due to application charm url being nil)
  • Autocompletion of channel in empty model
  • Fix test-storage-test-persistent-storage-aws
  • deploy sidecar charm from ch will get an error in model log
  • panic when getting juju full status
  • Juju doesn’t mount storage after lxd container restart
  • Cannot bootstrap in airgapped LXD environment
  • Fix juju status --integrations
  • juju generates/uses insecure ssh keys
  • LP1999060 failures with multi app single charm bundles
  • MAAS+TLS error opening environ