JUJU Migrate between manual clouds - controllers

Hi Team,

Is it possible to migrate model from one manually provisioned cloud to another manual cloud. Thank you for the support.


  1. Juju add-cloud -> manual-cloud -> add new vm as controller
  2. Juju bootstrap manual-cloud -> manual-cloud-default controller created
  3. Create Model ceph
  4. Juju add-cloud -> manual-cloud-1 -> add new vm1 as controller
  5. Juju bootstrap manual-cloud-1 -> manual-cloud-1-default controller created
  6. Juju migrate manual-cloud-default:ceph manual-cloud-default-1


migration: 'aborted, removing model from target controller: model data transfer failed, failed to import model into target controller: updating cloud credentials:
      cloud "manual-cloud" not found (not found)'

juju clouds

Only clouds with registered credentials are shown.
There are more clouds, use --all to see them.

Clouds available on the controller:
Cloud         Regions  Default  Type
manual-cloud  1        default  manual

Clouds available on the client:
Cloud          Regions  Default    Type    Credentials  Source    Description
localhost      1        localhost  lxd     0            built-in  LXD Container Hypervisor
manual-cloud   1        default    manual  0            local
manual-cloud1  1        default    manual  0            local

juju controllers

Use --refresh option with this command to see the latest information.

Controller              Model  User   Access     Cloud/Region           Models  Nodes    HA  Version
manual-cloud-default    ceph   admin  superuser  manual-cloud/default        2      1  none  3.1.5
manual-cloud1-default*  -      admin  superuser  manual-cloud1/default       1      1  none  3.2.3