Juju Managed Ceph Dashboard

Hello everyone, i was wondering is there a plan to create a charmed version of the ceph dashboard. As it comes with many monitoring and configuration tools for ceph directly which are quite useful, so far i know that the option to ssh directly into the host and manually enable and install the dashboard on the nodes that host the monitor charm are a viable solution as i have performed it several times, but am just wondering if there was a plan to make a juju managed solution in the future.

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Here is my howto for the full bundle : https://github.com/DOSSANTOSDaniel/MAAS_JUJU_K8S_Openstack/wiki/Deployer_une_baie_de_stockage_ceph_avec_JUJU

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It hasn’t been promulgated yet, but the OpenStack Charmers team has just released a tech preview of our Ceph Dashboard charm!


I noticed there is now also different ceph-dashboard charm release, but it doesn’t pop up in the charmhub search. Is it ok to use it? Charmhub | Deploy Ceph Dashboard using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection

hey @matuskosut - that’s the stable version of the charm, which has been released since the last update to this topic!

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