Juju installation with LXD cloud (localhost) issue


  • juju: 2.9.28-ubuntu-amd64
  • lxd: 5.0.0-b0287c1 / 4.0.9-8e2046b
  • ubuntu: 20.04.4 LTS

Some more investigation. With lxd 4.0.9-8e2046b: No error when bootstrap a controller. With lxd 5.0.0-b0287c1: Can not create the controller

ubuntu@focal-test-juju:~$ juju bootstrap localhost lxd-ctrl
ERROR registering credentials errored registering credentials for provider: querying certificates: Certificate not found
ERROR credentials for cloud "localhost" not found

Does anyone experienced that?

Thanks in advance. David

The fix for this will be released with Juju 2.9.29. In the interim, earlier versions of LXD than 5.0.0 will work fine.

Thanks for your reply. I think if you bootstrap with version <5 and then upgrade lxd it is working as well.