Juju-gui : x509; certificate signed by unknown autority


I just installed Juju controller on a MAAS environement, which is behind a proxy
the MAAS can deploy machines without problems as I setted the proxy in the WebUI
when I wanted to deploy juju controller, it got in timeout because the machine cannot access the Internet to get Juju agent

so came the solution of this config file :

default-series: bionic
> apt-http-proxy: "``"
> apt-https-proxy: ""
> apt-ftp-proxy: ""
> http-proxy: ""
> https-proxy: ""
> ftp-proxy: ""
> no-proxy: ",,"
cloudinit-userdata: |
          - |
            -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
            -----END CERTIFICATE-----

indentation is okay in my file :wink:

I had to specify proxy’s CA certificate to have wget and apt work on the juju’s controller

So i deployed my controller :


juju bootstrap my-maas --to alive-tetra.maas --config=config.yaml my-controller


and it deploy like it should :slight_smile:
but then, when I type “juju gui”, here is the error :

ERROR Juju GUI is not available: GET Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

the port 17070 is listening in “netstat -laputen”
I added manually the CA certificate in “” (I thought it will already be there with my config file, but nope)

I can’t find anything on this error, I must be missing something

Thank you for your help