Juju deploy your flask application!

We have recently created version 1.0 of PaaS App Charmer, the new way to deploy flask applications using Juju! We have a getting started tutorial and a demo

There are 2 requirements for the flask application:

  • There is a requirements.txt file in the project root
  • The WSGI path is app:app

Make sure that you have the latest/edge version of Charmcraft and Rockcraft installed. The next stable release for both should include the required extensions. Both have the flask-framework profile to create the required files and include the flask-framework extension which will do all the hard operational work for you and you just need to fill in some metadata in the rockcraft.yaml and charmcraft.yaml. After packing the rock and charm and uploading the rock to a k8s registry, you can juju deploy your flask application, integrate it with ingress and start serving traffic to your users!

Initially we are supporting several integrations:

Support for more integrations and frameworks are coming soon! Comment below which you would like to see next! You can also reach us on the dedicated matrix channel