juju-db.service failed after restart


We are currently facing an issue with our OpenStack deployment via JUJU (version 3.1.6). This problem emerged after a hardware maintenance project in which we increased the disk capacity. The primary symptom is that JUJU commands are no longer functioning as expected.

Upon investigating, we’ve identified that the issue seems to be linked to a specific service, “juju.db.service,” which is failing to operate correctly. When we attempt to execute any JUJU command, it continually tries to connect to this service. Here’s an example using the juju status --debug command:

09:49:50 INFO  juju.cmd supercommand.go:56 running juju [3.1.6 f6a66aa91eec620f5ac04a19d8c06bef03ae6228 gc go1.20.8]
09:49:50 DEBUG juju.cmd supercommand.go:57   args: []string{"/snap/juju/24626/bin/juju", "status", "--debug"}
09:49:50 INFO  juju.juju api.go:86 connecting to API addresses: []

We strongly suspect that this issue is related to the Juju MongoDB service. However, our attempts to repair the MongoDB data have been unsuccessful, and it appears that the data may be corrupted.

Our primary question at this point is whether it’s possible to deploy a new Juju-db service to resolve this problem and regain the full operational status of the JUJU commands.