Juju Dashboard 0.3.0 Release 🚀

In this release we’ve focused on continuing improvements under the hood while also implementing a different system for viewing the different entities and their relationships in your Juju models.

:star2: New

  • Clicking on entities in the model details page now opens a panel with detailed views of that entity in the model.
  • Model listing tables can now be sorted by clicking on the headings.
  • Empty tables are no longer rendered in the model listing and model details pages.
  • Added a banner to indicate when the dashboard has gone offline and then another when it is brought back online. This is a great feature for those who use the dashboard while on the go.
  • Entity counts have been added to each view on the model details pages.
  • The controller listing page header has been updated.
  • Initial MVP for the Juju web CLI has been created and will be available in an upcoming release with Juju 2.9.
  • The filter and grouping buttons have been re-positioned to make them more intuitive.
  • Cross model relations are now shown in the model details pages.
  • Application Offers are now shown in the model details pages.
  • “Jump to content” feature has been added for those who navigate without a mouse.

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where focus rings would stick around elements.
  • The primary navigation can now be navigated with the keyboard.
  • Fixed bug where the navigation wouldn’t open if you had multiple controllers registered.
  • Controller connections are now correctly terminated to avoid dangling controller connections when you have multiple controllers registered.
  • The JAAS controller is now correctly rendered in the Controllers page when you have multiple controllers registered.

:telescope: Upcoming

We’re nearly done our planning for the next 6 months, a new post will be created with the outcome of this.
Until that, some items that we have pinned down are:

  • Adding additional interactions when working with Cross Model Relations and Offers.
  • Adding the ability to view and edit application configuration values.
  • With Juju 2.9 the Juju web CLI will be available.
  • The new TypeScript implementation of libjuju will also be integrated into the Dashboard increasing the speed to which we can implement new features as well as increasing the speed and responsiveness of the dashboard for those of you with many, or large, models.

:point_up_2: Upgrade Instructions

  • Users of Juju 2.8+ can run juju upgrade-dashboard and the latest version will be pulled down and installed automatically.
  • jaas.ai users have been already upgraded to this version.