Juju Dashboard 0.12.0

I’d like to announce the release of Juju Dashboard 0.12.0!

This is a big release, including new features for JAAS, some new colours and many small improvements and bug fixes.

New features:

  • Added audit logs for controllers and models when using JAAS.
  • Added cross model search page when using JAAS.
  • Analytics can be enabled/disabled for all dashboard users with a new analyticsEnabled config option.


  • Hide config and action buttons for users with read-only permissions.
  • Display names of apps when displaying charms in actions panel.
  • Make tables responsive instead of using horizontal scrolling.
  • Removed hardcoded public JAAS details and use data provided by JIMM.
  • Removed settings page as analytics is now managed via config.
  • Removed additional controllers feature that was only relevant to public JAAS.
  • Charm selection is skipped if only one charm is available when opening the actions panel.
  • Updated application layout and built reusable components to be consistent with Vanilla Framework.

Bug fixes:

  • Display the Juju logo when not using JAAS.
  • Fixed an error when clicking outside confirmations.
  • Fixed model preview offset.
  • Handle errors from promises and model timeouts.
  • Handle environments with 0 controllers.


The new dashboard is available via the machine and Kubernetes charms. To upgrade run the following:

juju switch controller
juju refresh [dashboard-app-name]


If you come across any issues you can file a bug at one of the following places: