Juju create-backup fail


I backup controller fellow Controller backups,but fail. Output is pastebin here

Why backup is fail?

Thank you.

The fork/exec exec format error usually indicates that a binary for the wrong architecture is being run. I can’t think of how this can happen.
Can you provide more detail on how you bootstrapped, what’s the arch/OS version of the controller machine etc?

Hi.@ wallyworldIan BoothJuju Developer

The controller machine arch/os version is focal /fossa. Ssh to the controller ,output is :

Welcome to Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-66-generic x86_64)

I deployed juju fellow Install Juju .

The bootstrap command is :
juju bootstrap --constraints tags=juju mymaas maas-controller --debug

The output is paste here.

Can you try again? It looks like it failed to download and correctly install the mongo snap. Also can we ensure that you have connectivity to the snapstore.

Do you let me bootstrap controller again?

Or create-backup again?

By the way, I have been ssh the controller and snap inatall mongodump.

Thank you@ simonrichardsonJuju Developer@ wallyworldIan BoothJuju Developer.

It is awesome.
I bootstraped controller again , and create-backup ,it worked.

The output is paste here.

I will create-backup first after bootstrap controller for check it in next deployment.