Juju controller charm, some questions

I wonder if its possible to deploy the Deploy Juju Controller using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection to an existing 2.9.37 controller?

Will it not break anything in the running controller instance?

Will it work also with together with the dashboard and haproxy?

I seek to add ssl/tls with Letsencrypt to my controller…

@alesstimec @wallyworld

The controller and dashboard charms are designed to work with Juju 3.0 controllers - the 2.9 controller delivered the dashboard a completely different way. You can deploy the controller charm to a 2.9 model, and also the dashboard charm, but when you try and relate them the dashboard charm goes into error as the expected endpoints are not present in a 2.9 controller. We really should add “assumes juju 3.0” to those charms so that they will only deploy to 3.0 or later.

You can use tls with Letsencrypt on a 2.9 controller via the “autocert-url” and “autocert-dns-name” controller config. I’ve not done it myself - the functionality was added a long time ago before JAAS and then sort of got obsoleted by JAAS but just got carried along from release to release. There’s a post here about it but it seems there’s a couple of questions unresolved.

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Very helpful! I’ll try it out next week after my trip to Portugal.