Juju command not supported on kubernetes models

Hi!I got this problem.

Any suggestions for prodding the the application so that it can move forward? Perhaps a config setting?
And I try to use juju debug-hook ,but i got this :Juju command “debug-hooks” not supported on kubernetes models

It looks like your k8s cluster (in this case MicroK8s) is having problems provisioning the instances.

What does the output of microk8s kubectl get pods -n ran give you? And if it lists any containers there, what does microk8s kubectl describe pod -n ran $pod-name give (where $pod-name is the name of a particular pod)?

If you’re able to share the charms you’re using (it looks like they’re deployed from the charmstore, so possibly they’re public?) I can also test deploying them here too.

Thanks for your support! :blush:
I got the containers like this:

root@admin:~# microk8s kubectl get pods -n ran
ue-67b76bc7d5-4wvl8 0/1 Init:0/1 0 17h
ue-operator-0 1/1 Running 1 17h
modeloperator-68757b4f79-8764l 1/1 Running 1 17h
ran-operator-0 1/1 Running 1 17h

It looks like the ue-67b76bc7d5-4wvl8 is having problems。

I deployed them from charms:https://github.com/charmed-osm/5g-ran
Using the charmstore

Hello @han93,

Have you enabled multus in Microk8s?

yes,i enabled multus。

Okay, I will test it myself and in order to reproduce it, and will get back to you ASAP.

I will try to answer this week, but I cannot promise because we are very busy in the OSM hackfest.

Sorry for the inconvenience

I appreciate it.Hope to receive your good news.
And I will keep going to solve this problem.