Juju charmed t-shirt promo email leads to bad cert warnings

I recently took a survey around Juju … and got a notice to fill in information for a t-shirt (nice!)

however, When I follow the link… I get met with a pretty nasty warning which stopped me from going further… I’ve done many surveys and things in my time but when they pop up on radar like this… it brings me pause…

Just want to warn maybe the marketing team(s) of Juju that this can be maybe a hinderance to getting the expected response you’re looking for

sorry if this maybe doesn’t belong here, it isn’t a “bug” so I don’t think filing it under launchpad made sense

I know it’s halloween but I am already scared enough hahah… just hoping I get a shirt somehow

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. It does seem like a bug on our side. I have created an issue on the project.

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