JUJU CEPH "No orchestrator configured"- how to configure ceph orchestrator via juju-charm-ceph-mgr


I have configured CEPH using ceph osd,mon and dashboard charms on juju lxd cloud. On dashboard UI, the orchestrator is not enabled. No luck with following commands as well.

I know juju run can be used for OSD related actions. But adding osd via orchestrator is needed for me.

Seems orchestrator can be enabled either via rook or cephadm. But How to configure the CEPH Orchestrator in charm based juju cloud.

Thank you !

root@juju-bbb715-0:~# ceph mgr module enable orchestrator
                module 'orchestrator' is already enabled (always-on)
root@juju-bbb715-0:~# ceph orch set backend rook
Error initializing cluster client: ObjectNotFound('RADOS object not found (error calling conf_read_file)')