Juju - Ceph deployment

Hi, I am deploying a ceph cluster and having some issues to deploy ceph-osd.

I added the relation after deploying the application, but the service just doesn’t seem to start. some error: ’ hook failed: “install” ’ Any help for this?

Thank you

Hi, and welcome to the forum. Can you share the logs of a ceph-osd unit?

juju debug-log --replay --no-tail --include ceph-osd/0

No need to paste everything but the output should contain the reason for why the software did not install (e.g. an invalid software source).

Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. I am a complete beginner to juju and ceph. Please find the required log details below.

Ok, so what this means is that you specified an invalid software source for the ceph-osd charm. Please provide output to:

juju config ceph-osd source

This is what I found. Here is the output. 1010

Right. So you have specified a bionic series there but the series on the actual machine is focal.

Which bundle are you deployed?

Maybe you can try to deploy openstack-base-73.

Or you may paste the bundle that you deployed, then check it.

This is one of my lessons. It is a bit dated but it works very well : https://github.com/DOSSANTOSDaniel/MAAS_JUJU_K8S_Openstack/wiki/Deployer_une_baie_de_stockage_ceph_avec_JUJU

I am sorry to reply you so late, Thank you for the response… but sorry to say that i don’t know how to answer for your quires I am a complete beginner to juju and ceph. I am trying to deploy ceph release: Pacific, UCA release: focal-wallaby.

Here is the current status. ceph-osds showing the status ‘Incomplete relation: monitor’ ceph-mons showing the status ‘waiting for machine’

i don’t know what i missed. i am following Install Charmed Ceph | Ubuntu this documentation. Thank You

Units ceph-mon are waiting lxd , lxd are in pending state now .

When lxd in started state, ceph-mon unit will deploy in the lxd.

May you wait till lxd in start state.

If lxd always in pengding state,may you manual redeploy them:

juju remove-unit ceph-mon/0

juju remove-machine 0/lxd/0

juju add-unit ceph-mon --to lxd:0

May ceph base | Juju (jaas.ai) is helpful .

The command in this document is :

juju deploy cs:bundle/ceph-base-4

May openstack base | Juju (jaas.ai) is helpful too.

The command is juju deploy cs:bundle/openstack-base-73. You can get a openstack cluster with ceph.

Thanks a lot @yanxiaomu. Just like you mentioned, i waited for lxds to be in start state… but lxd’s remains to be in pending state ,i tried to manual redeploy them… But still lxd’s are in pending state.

Would you try to deploy openstack-base-73 instead of your deployed charms?

OR: I have been met lxd is always in pending state, and delete the node that lxd attached from MAAS and redeploy the bundle again. and it worked.

Even I used comand : juju destroy-model …

This is the juju status of openstck-base-73 that I deployed.

This openstack has three ceph-osd nodes and three ceph-mon nodes.

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It looks like the LXD containers are starting but they are not getting an IP address. I would check the MAAS logs.