Juju bootstrap; dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket

I ran 2.9 and got that error, then I updated to 3.0 and got the same. My Machine is running MAAS alongside juju.

novski@maas:~$ juju bootstrap localhost juju-ctrl
ERROR ensuring default bridge config: The DNS and DHCP service exited prematurely: Process exited with non-zero value 2 ("dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket for Address already in use")

While the IP constantly changes inside the Shouldn’t there be a Port behind the IP?

Possibly your/a 2.9 controller is still running, taking up the port?

Thanks for the answer.

novski@maas:~$ snap list
Name    Version                  Rev    Tracking       Publisher   Notes
core20  20230308                 1852   latest/stable  canonical✓  base
core22  20230325                 607    latest/stable  canonical✓  base
juju    3.0.3                    22197  3.0/stable     canonical✓  -
lxd     5.0.2-838e1b2            24322  5.0/stable/…   canonical✓  -
maas    3.3.2-13177-g.a73a6e2bd  27109  3.3/stable     canonical✓  -
snapd   2.58.3                   18596  latest/stable  canonical✓  snapd

To mee that does not seem as juju is running two times…