Juju and IPv6

Hi there,

I have had some difficulties to find if Juju officially supports IPv6. By that i mean, we want to run a deployment fully with IPv6 addresses and omit IPv4 completely.

Is that going to work?

Maybe and maybe not. We’ve not done official support and tested everything in the network stack to work correctly. In fact, I know we’ve not supported LXD containers on hosts using IPVs due to issues there.

I was looking but we don’t currently seem to have a running bug for this item though. Normally we find folks asking for the pure-IPV6 but then when we get there they don’t actually have/need it and so the work is moved off in favor of something more immediately useful.

Ok, I will run a POC too see if it works alright.

Do you know where i could open up a request for suggesting the testing of IPv6 officially?

@emiljacero please file a bug and describe the use case as much as possible and we’ll take it into the list of potential work to go into each cycle.

Thank you!

I think the biggest pain point would actually be dual-stack. If it is strictly IPv6 or v4, then I would expect most things to work well. (The problem with dual-stack is you end up with multiple answers for “what IP address should I talk to”.)

You also have to watch out for charms/applications that don’t properly handle IPv6. Juju might be handing it the correct address to use, but then the charm/app is doing .split(":") to split host and port, which doesn’t work for v6.