Juju action only works with local .charm , not with charmhub copy

I have noticed lately some odd behavior… I am utilizing LXD locally and that seems to run fine… but when I switch to the JAAS backed controller and my models therein… I notice 2 things

  1. my actions do not seem so to trigger (When I am logging I do not seem them outputting like I did in LXD) … even with --level=TRACE, I saw a status change but… no logs and no behavior like I expected to occur (I am bumping versions of a npm package)

  2. repeatedly, juju debug-log will start going… then after maybe a minute or so… exits with no error message or warning…

Any ideas? I wiped the model clean which improved some of the behavior where I was seeing difficulty creating EC2 instances via Juju… but then these two things still are present.

It’s in US-West-1 if it matters

charms in focus are

  • mahrio
  • mahrio-nginx
  • mahrio-certbot

all --channel=beta


on LXD I can confirm my action runs straight away with no problems but ONLY if using the charm directly… instead of via charmhub … logging and all…

could it be on LXD I am on juju 2.9.22 … while JAAS is on 2.9.18 ? or could it be the charmcraft version I used to roll the charm ? 1.5.0 ?

it sounds like something is not quite getting set when packaged to the charmhub…

EDIT: So I am triple checking my work… it appears things are working if I upload the charm directly… next thing to check is to charmcraft pack.. push to the beta channel… and try once more … logging seems to be stable now… no crashes or exists so far with the fresh model and charm rolled locally


I have now all but confirmed the problem happens somewhere between

charmcraft pack
charmcraft upload
charmcraft release <charm-name> --revision=XXX --channel=beta

because if I just deploy the same exact charm code from my local workspace… things are flawless and I see my behavior expected by the action… soon as I pack it and use the beta channel latest … I immediately return from the action with status completed however that was way way too fast to have worked and again, the version of the application is supposed to increment… which does not happen… leading me to believe … something is up with my charmcraft v1.5.0 packing

cc @facundo any advice?

This is the charm in question Deploy MAHRIO using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection the action is change-mahrio-version

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I think I recall seeing this issue with debug-log on jaas but thought this to be expected from a public controller, but you are right, it doesn’t make sense.

The action issue I have no idea.

perhaps next course of action I should file a ticket against … either the charmhub or charmcraft… unclear… will wait a bit if Facundo has advice. meanwhile work around is I have to directly upload charm from my workstation on deploy (which is fine for me but a but trickier for colleagues)

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@emcp the issue w/ running actions sounds more like an issue w/ Juju versions than an issue w/ charmcraft or CharmHub.

I know that the syntax for running actions changed recently, though IIRC, it changed with the 2.9 release, rather than after 2.9.

What does your action invocation look like?

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the reason I point to charmhub… or charmcraft… is due to the fact that if I deploy from my local charm… all is well with the action(s)… it is only if I deploy the exact same charm and run the exact same input… the juju versions not changed there… since all of it is working in AWS… it is only presenting the issue when I attempt to load the charm from the charmhub.

just for a sanity check , here’s the output of my juju controllers

Controller            Model            User           Access     Cloud/Region         Models  Nodes    HA  Version
JAAS                  prod-vpc    me@external  (unknown)                                   2      -     -  2.9.18  
localhost-localhost*  spark            admin          superuser  localhost/localhost       7      9  none  2.9.22  

My invocation is the following

$ juju run-action mahrio/4 change-mahrio-version version=0.0.2
Action queued with id: "160"

and I can see all is working… my units version number increments (which is the signal that the action completed successfully)

App      Version  Status  Scale  Charm           Channel  Rev  Exposed  Message
certbot  1.25.0   active      1  mahrio-certbot  beta       5  no       (update) certbot is associated with mahrio
mahrio   0.0.2    active      1  mahrio                     2  no       (change-mahrio-version) exiting... 14:56
nginx    1.18.0   active      1  mahrio-nginx    beta       5  no       (update) NGINX is running 14:55

but if I take the charm from the charmstore (beta channel) … for mahrio … my action just returns immediately and nothing is ever triggered… it just shows successful or the like

I’ve filed a bug under juju … no clue why this happens but… it’s still happening after Charmcraft v1.6.0

Hi, @emcp. Is there still a mismatch between the controller versions in AWS and locally?

The Juju team has done a lot of work on action syntax and support over the past few releases. If you’re running against an older controller, you might try using the older syntax.

I updated the ticket… this is happening even locally on LXD now…

it seems to me according to the response in the ticket that… the actions are NO-OPS if I use the charmhub .charm … whereas if I wire the bundle.yaml file with the local clone of the project… all works great.

I can try the other syntax but. the new syntax works… it just seems to do nothing and then return… if it was the syntax I would imagine it’d complain and error out, but I can try today anyway with the older syntax.

EDIT: the github ticket for this is at https://github.com/canonical/charmcraft/issues/763 the juju launchpad ticket was marked invalid

You don’t need to – I’m wrong, and this looks like a bug elsewhere in the toolchain. (We’re investigating this right now.)

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